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草生栽培によりジャングルと化した園地。生態系だけを活用して育てたブドウです。A garden that has been turned into a jungle through grass cultivation. Grapes grown using only the ecosystem.

The spirit of “Look at the forest”. Grapes grown in grass.


生産者 / Producer:佐久間権左衛門(山形県鶴岡市)SAKUMA GONZAEMONm (Tsuruoka city Yamagata prefecture)

  • 特 徴:


     種をなくす植物ホルモン剤も使わず、じっくり完熟させたブドウはどれも味わい深く、平均糖度は20度を超えます。資材を使わなくなって、品種独特の味がよく出るようになりました。栽培にどんなに手間がかかっても、毎年楽しみに待ってくださっている方のためにやめられません。」 2018年の米国トランプ大統領が訪日した際、このブドウが振る舞われた。


  • Feature:
    Anyway, it is a grape that is carefully selected to grow naturally. No pesticides, fertilizers, or hormonal agents that lose seeds are used, so you can rub your skin with ease. Depending on the variety, the skin can taste the seeds. “This is the true taste of grapes,” says the gardener, Sakuma, quietly.

    “What is this house?” Everyone feels going to this vineyard. Full of grass. Crops such as the giant Akita fuki grow naturally. I have never seen such a vineyard before. Most vineyards hunt grass for easy harvesting, and many vineyards have exposed soil. The park is a wicked road for other grape growers. Grass growing without mowing grass really looks like a jungle.

    Sakuma says. “Grape has roots so we can't plow it like a field. Instead, weeds will root them and soften the soil. Over time, it will ripen and become a nutrient for the grapes. It has been cultivated even without it.
    `` No phytohormone to lose seeds is used, all the ripened grapes are delicious and the average sugar content exceeds 20 degrees. The unique taste has come out well, no matter how much time it takes to grow it, it cannot be stopped for those who are looking forward to it every year. ”When President Trump visited Japan in 2018, This grape was behaving.
    Sakuma is also looking forward to making a special wine with a variety called Koshu by asking a small family-run winery that uses natural yeast to make wine without using antioxidants.
    The grape varieties currently grown are Honey Seed Dress, Rosario Bianco, Aki Queen, Koshu, Pione, Delaware, and Steuben. Every year from early September to mid-November, you can see the state of the grapes and sell the best ones as a set. It is also possible to order your favorite varieties in units of 1 kg instead of a set.

    Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture, with Mt. Gassan in the background, is rich in agricultural products such as endemic species such as dacha beans, and is eager to disseminate food culture. Sakuma provides food guides for Tsuruoka City and guides them to her own jungle garden (vineyard). If you eat this grape and feel it is delicious, please visit the vineyard.


    権左衛門ブドウセレクション(税別)/ Gonzaemon Grape Selection ( tax not included )
    ブドウ(ハニーシードレス・ロザリオビアンコ・安芸クイーン・甲州・ピオーネ・デラウエア・スチューベン)/ Grapes (Honey Seed, Rosario Bianco, Aki Queen, Koshu, Pione, Delaware, Steuben) 1kg Set / ¥2,300   2kg Set / ¥4,400
    *ご注文時、最適なブドウをセレクトします。品種のご希望がある場合はお知らせください / When ordering, select the best grapes. Please let us know if you have any kind of request

  • 農園名:佐久間権左衛門 / SAKUMA GONZAEMON
    代表者:佐久間 優/ Representative : Masaru Sakuma
    住 所:山形県鶴岡市西荒屋字杉下7 / Address: 7 Sugishita, Nishiaraya, Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture

  • 農薬 / Pesticide
    無農薬 / No pesticide
    肥料 / Fertilizer
    無肥料 / Free fertilizer
    認証 / Authentication
    自然農法認証(自然栽培) /Natural farming certification (natural cultivation)
    販売 / Sell 9月上旬〜11月中旬 / From early September to mid-November
    消費目安 / Consumption standard 到着後約1週間(冷蔵保存) / About 1 weeks after arrival (refrigerated storage)

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