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ファームレターは生産者の物語をお届けしています / Deliver the story of the producer Farm letter


The farm letter is a monologue that talks about the sweat and dreams accumulated by the producers. It is issued on the 25th of every month in order to deliver that thought along with the product.


Facing the producer
The basis of Honest Food is to meet the producers directly. Show the farm and factory. And respect each other and trust. And I think that it is to share that trust with customers. We have issued 40 farm letters so far. There are many opportunities to meet producers as well as farm letters, and when combined with fisheries and livestock, there are more than 100 lightly. One of the purposes of issuing a farm letter is enlightenment and expansion of organic farming. To that end, it is necessary to convey the appeal of producers to consumers and become fans, and the producers who issue them must work with pride and go forward.
This initiative was judged to contribute to the warning and expansion of organic agriculture, and won the 2018 Good Design Award. In the future, we hope to meet many producers and pass on their thoughts to many people. And if you can go to the production area, touch the soil, touch the blessings of the earth and the personality of the producer, you will not be so happy.


Looking for sponsors
The farm letter is not limited to agriculture, but in the future we will also focus on livestock, pig farming, fishery and processed products. You may be able to see the real power and treasure of Japan by stacking issues and visualizing the information of various producers. We must share what must be conveyed and what must be preserved over time. In the future, we are looking for a wide range of sponsors so that we can nurture your farm letter more widely. Please use the information on the farm letter for your activities. Let's also introduce many wonderful producers together. If you can agree, we will contact you from the inquiry form.

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ファームレターPDF / Farm letter PDF