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【岡山県/にんじん(有機JAS)】抜群の味と品質、桃太郎の国の贈り物 / Outstanding taste and quality, Gift from the Momotaro country (Organic JAS)


Vendor: ふるさと21

生産者:吉備路オーガニックワーク / Kibiji Organic Work

 お勧めする理由 / Reasons to recommend 

  1. 安全と安心を基本にした有機JASにんじん / Organic JAS carrot based on safety and security
  2. おいしさと機能性を追求しながら、安定供給を目指す / Aim for stable supply while pursuing deliciousness and functionality
  3. 農業者の育成し、持続可能な農業を推進 / Foster farmers and promote sustainable agriculture

高品質で多収量の有機栽培農法が生む 糖度12度の甘いにんじん
A high quality, high yield organic farming produces sweet carrots with 12 degrees of sugar content

  •  吉備路オーガニックワークのにんじんは糖度が高く、機能性に優れたにんじんだ。オーガニック野菜の機能性を分析と評価を行う株式会社デザイナーフーズの分析においても高く評価された実績がある。にんじんジュースを作るときには、甘みをつけるためにりんごなどを一緒に入れるが、吉備路オーガニックワークのにんじんはりんごなどを入れなくても、おいしく飲むことができる。









     今年のにんじんは糖度が12度ぐらいで、非常に甘いと評判です。去年までは10度ほどで、一般の7〜8度よりは甘かったのですが、今年は特にいい。知識や知恵が蓄積され、経験値を踏まえ、いろいろな作柄に対するアプローチができつつあります。 科学的なことも大事ですが、感性を忘れたらいい野菜はできないと思います。ボタン一つで結果が出る世界にいる人は経過を見ずに判断しますが、同じ言葉でも相手の目つきや頷くタイミングなどで感じる部分があるものです。コミュニケーション能力や人間力、グローバルに物事を見る力が、ますます必要になってくるでしょう。農業にはすごく可能性があるんじゃないかなと思っています。

  • Carrots from Kibiji Organic Work have high sugar content and are highly functional. It has also been highly evaluated in the analysis of Designer Foods Co., Ltd., which analyzes and evaluates the functionality of organic vegetables. When making carrot juice, add apples etc. together to add sweetness, but the carrots at Kibiji Organic Work can be enjoyed without adding apples.

    "This carrot is delicious", whether it's raw or stewed, it seems like that. Soja City, located in the southwestern part of Okayama Prefecture, is a sunny country with an average annual temperature of around 16.5 ° C and a rainfall of around 1,000 millimeters a year. Kibiji Organic Work takes advantage of these natural blessings and does not use chemically synthesized pesticides or fertilizers, but sticks thoroughly to soil creation, nutritional value and taste. In 2001, it received organic JAS certification and Okayama organic pesticide-free agricultural products, which are said to be the strictest standards in Japan.

    Interview with Kenji Hayashi

    Become Okayama's leading agricultural production corporation

    The founder, Tatsuo Konishi's carrots, has a strong brand throughout the country and was well known even when selling direct. I heard that Mr. Kosai was sick and my company's cloud was suspicious, and I thought it would be a waste to go away. As we entered the era of a lack of production, I was wondering who would manage and utilize many of the existing fields through the operation of a direct sales place. Therefore, as an agricultural production corporation centered on vegetables, I came in with the desire to revitalize Okayama.
    At the time, about four people were working, led by Yoshihisa Hattori, the manager of the production department. It was a group of Supermans with three or four containers weighing 20 kg and running smoothly from one end of the field to the other. I think we are in an age where we need to train our bodies to grow, but those four were too trained.

    Amino acids, minerals and soil are the keys

    The average return of carrots is said to be 3 to 3.5 tons nationwide, but this was 2.5 tons at first. As with the Itano district in Tokushima, we set a target of 5 tons in anti-return, and we spent a lot of time and money on soil making with upfront investment, and in 3 years, we saw 3.5 tons. At the same time as the yield, we are also improving the quality such as sugar content and shape. The goal is to achieve high quality, high nutritional value, and high yield. Currently it is 2 works a year, but I think that a yearly work would be better to make a good carrot. Doesn't it need time to rest in the fields as well as humans?
    Based on the soil analysis and fertilization design, we try to practice the BLOF theory of cultivating and growing soil by solar curing treatment using black mulch and transparent mulch. The basic principle of BLOF theory is that organic farming takes time and effort, but nutrients are high, yields are higher than conventional practices, good taste, strong against insects, and fewer obstacles to continuous cropping. In three years, the soil changed softly, and from the state where concrete-like soil was hardened and excavated together with carrots, only carrots came through quickly and the rate of excellence increased.

    Add sensitivity to scientific analysis

    Since this is a flat land, drainage measures are thoroughly implemented by high ridge cultivation with a trench of about 20 to 30 cm so that the soaked water can escape smoothly. Don't forget the important thing, introducing advanced parts of traditional farming practices such as scientific analysis. Instead of following the results of the analysis, feeling the condition of the leaves, humidity and soil is the basic pleasure of agriculture, the fundamental pleasure of agriculture needed in the present age.

    This year's carrots have a sugar content of about 12 and are reputed to be very sweet. Until last year it was about 10 degrees, which was sweeter than the general 7-8 degrees, but this year is especially good. Knowledge and wisdom are accumulated, and approaches to various designs are being made based on experience. Scientific matters are important, but if you forget your sensibilities, you won't be able to produce vegetables. People in a world where one button produces a result judge without observing the progress, but there are parts where the same words are felt by the opponent's eyes and timing of nodding. Communication skills, human skills, and the ability to see things globally will become increasingly necessary. I think agriculture has great potential.

農薬 /Pesticide
無農薬 / No pesticide
肥料 / Fertilizer
無化学肥料 / No Chemical fertilizer
認証 / Authentication
有機JAS認証 / Organic JAS Certification
販売 / Sell 11月〜3月 / November-March
消費目安 / Consumption standard 到着後冷蔵保存で2週間 / 2 weeks on refrigerated storage after arrival


Kibi carrots , Sweet potato, rice (All organic JAS certification)

企業名:吉備路オーガニックワーク / Company name: Kibiji Organic Work
代表者:林賢治 / Representative : Kenji Hayashi
住 所:岡山県総社市 / Address: Soja City, Okayama Prefecture


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