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配送した商品の不良について/ About the defect of the delivered product


The delivered product is damaged !?

オネストフードの生産者さんが汗を流し、情熱を注いで育てた生産物。出荷する時にはお客さまの笑顔を想像して配送しています。しかし、開封すると「期待と違う」ということもあるもの残念ながら事実です。その場合、責任を持ってご対応させていただきます。 / A product grown by passionate passionate producers of Honest Food. When shipping, we are imagining the smiles of our customers. However, unfortunately it is true that there are times when it is different from expectations when opened. In that case, we will take responsibility.





1. For agricultural products, we consider safety first, and basically deliver products grown with no chemical or chemical fertilizer. Therefore, there are some that look a little bad. Too bad is out of the question, but I would appreciate it if you could accept it as an agricultural product that considered the environment and safety.

2. Some citrus fruits have sunspots. This is evidence that no pesticides are used. It is dirt that can be removed by washing without harm. The producers are careful as much as possible, but they may remain a little. In addition, citrus fruits may become moldy during delivery if there are a few scratches (as it is often the case, most producers increase the amount in anticipation of this). Please contact us with a photo to see how much of the total amount was wrong.

3. Easy-to-break items such as eggs may break during delivery. I have told the shipping company to pay attention as much as possible, but it seems difficult to expect 100%. If it breaks when you receive it, please take a photo and send it. Please let us know how much it was broken. p>

In case of pain or breakage of the product, we will compensate you with a refund or coupon. p>
First of all, please contact us at the following e-mail address (do not forget to attach a photo).