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水田を守るため自然栽培で酒米を栽培し、地元の酒蔵で醸造した特別な純米酒。自信を持ってお勧めできるお酒に仕上がりました / A special pure rice liquor cultivated in the local brewery to cultivate sake rice to protect paddy fields. It was finished in liquor that can be recommended with confidence


純米吟醸酒 里音(神奈川県産山田錦・吟のさと 60%精米)

 米師:石綿敏久 醸造:瀬戸酒造店 / Producer: Toshihisa Ishiwata Brewing: Seto Sake Brewery 


Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Naturally cultivated sake rice mainly by Mr. Toshihisa Asbestos who cultivates kiwifruit without fertilizer and pesticides. I grew up well without surrendering to two typhoons. Mr. Asbestos says that the reason for the success is that the roots of the rice were firmly rooted in the ground because they were not fertilized, and that they did not grow too much. After that, brewed Junmai Ginjo Sake at the local Seto Sake Brewery. I witnessed the site of water and decided the taste. It is popular for its fragrance, fruity taste and high degree of completion.

純米吟醸酒「里音」をふるさと21サイトで購入する / Purchase in Furusato 21 site

特別純米酒「里音」 権左衛門(山形県産亀の尾・山田錦 70%精米)

 米師:佐久間権左衛門 醸造:渡會本店 / Producer: SAKUMAGONZAEMON Brewing: Watarai honten


Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture. Sakuma Gonzamon (Yu Sakuma) grows Kamenoo as natural rice. Naturally grown rice veterans work with project participants to cultivate Kameno as sake rice. A special pure rice liquor in partnership with the local sake brewery “Watanabe Main Store” at Kameno, which is said to be a phantom rice. The strength and refreshing mouth are popular.

特別純米酒「里音」権左衛門をふるさと21サイトで購入する / Purchase in Furusato 21 site

猫庭ラベル 特別純米酒「里音」権左衛門(山形県産亀の尾・山田錦 70%精米)

 米師:佐久間権左衛門 醸造:渡會本店 / Producer: SAKUMAGONZAEMON Brewing: Watarai honten


Collaboration product with Teshima Ryokan in Yamaguchi Prefecture. I want to support Teshima Ryokan's “Neko-niwa(cat garden)”, which develops shelters for protective cats. One day, I started activities in Yamaguchi Prefecture with the desire to make this pure rice sake. This is the first special sale.
* The Neko-niwa operated by Teshima Ryokan creates a cycle of life through repeated transfers and new acceptances. We can support the activities of the Neko-niwa. We will donate 100 yen for the purchase of one Neko-niwa, which will be used for Neko-niwa management.
Please refer to the Neko-niwa official page for information on the Neko-niwa.

猫庭ラベル 特別純米酒「里音」権左衛門をふるさと21サイトで購入する / Purchase in Furusato 21 site