フルーツの森 森谷果樹園 / Fruits of Forest MORIYA

代表者:森谷光夫 / Representative : Mituo Moriya
住 所:山形県天童市川原子2804 / Address: 2804 Kawa atom, Tendo, Yamagata

フルーツの森 森谷果樹園サイトはこちら

【商品 / Products】
All products are certified as natural farming and special cultivation.

ラ・フランス / La France

農薬/ Pesticide 最小限 / minimum
肥料 /fertilizer 無化学肥料 / No chemical fertilizer
認証 / Authentication MOA自然農法(特別栽培)認定 / MOA natural farming method (special cultivation) approved
特別栽培認証 / Special cultivation certification
販売 / Sell 11月上旬〜12月上旬 / Early November to Early January
消費目安 / Consumption standard / 個体により変動。上部が少し柔らかくなった頃が食べ頃です。
Varies by individual. The time when the upper part is a little softer is the time to eat.
*Please refrigerate for about 30 minutes before consuming. 

お勧めする理由 / Reasons to recommend
  1. 種の周りまでおいしく食べられるフルーツを安価に提供 / Providing inexpensive fruits that can be eaten deliciously around the seeds
  2. 肉質がアイスクリームのようになめらかできめ細かい / The meat quality is as smooth and fine as ice cream
  3. 作物への愛、そして地元天童の産業を考えた農業を展開 / Agriculture with love for crops and local Tendo industry

Special cultivation of natural farming that is kind to the earth.La France better than quantity in the village of snow country

  •  ラ・フランスは樹上完熟しないので、収穫してすぐはおいしくありません。収穫した後、熟成させることによって、緻密でジューシーな果肉、まろやかな甘さになります。まず、冷蔵庫に入れて2〜3週間、予冷します。その後、常温で2〜3週間追熟します。追熟により、デンプンが糖分に分解され、ビタミンBやCが増加します。また、果肉中のペクチンが水溶性に変わるため、肉質がアイスクリームのようになめらかで、きめ細かな状態になります。


     奥羽山脈系を水源とする、水はけがよい乱川扇状地に位置する天童市川原子地区で40年近く、ラ・フランスをはじめ、味わい豊かな多品種の果実を栽培している「フルーツの森 森谷果樹園」の森谷光夫さん。好奇心旺盛に各方面に出向くうち、有機栽培と縁があった。人と自然にやさしい自家生産の木炭と木酢液など、栄養価の高い天然微生物資材を使用し、ミネラルいっぱいの土作りにこだわっている。




  • La France does not mature on the tree, so it is not delicious immediately after harvesting. After harvesting, by aging, it becomes a dense and juicy pulp and a mellow sweetness. First, put it in the refrigerator and pre-cool for 2-3 weeks. Then ripen at room temperature for 2-3 weeks.By ripening, starch is broken down into sugar and vitamins B and C increase. Also, since the pectin in the pulp changes to water-soluble, the flesh becomes smooth and fine like ice cream. 
    It is said that it is difficult to judge when to eat because the color of the skin does not change so much, but Moriya Orchard is pre-cooled at 3 degrees after harvesting and ripened at room temperature to deliver a fully ripe state . Shipping time is from early November to early December. There are some individual differences, please enjoy to your liking. If you cool in the refrigerator about an hour ago, you can eat more deliciously.

    Fruit forest, gift from Moriya orchard

    Yamagata Prefecture ranks first in the production of pears in the country, and the popular variety “La France” boasts about 80% of the nation's production. In order to produce and ship delicious fruits together with the production area, the prefecture sets a “sales start reference date” and conducts thorough quality control.
     Forty years in the Tendo Ichikawa Atomic District located in the turbulent alluvial fan area with the water source of the Ou Mountains, "Fruit Forest Moriya Orchard" has been cultivating a variety of rich fruits including La France. “Mitsuo Moriya”. There was a relationship with organic farming while going out in various directions. Using natural microbial materials with high nutritional value, such as self-produced charcoal and wood vinegar that are friendly to people and nature, we are particular about making soil filled with minerals. Mr. Moriya's mission is to provide fruits that can be eaten deliciously around the seeds at reasonable prices.
    Pruning pruning from February, plucking / plucking from March, rearing of long shoots in July, harvesting / selection in October, ripening / shipping in November, etc. Raise specially grown La France.

    All fruits of Moriya Orchard are specially grown with reduced pesticides or natural farming. No chemical fertilizer is used. We make a variety of lively and rich soils with low nitrogen content, focusing on high-quality marine products such as shell fossils, fish cakes and crab shells, and compost mainly made of rice bran and rice straw. Organic JAS certified lime-sulfur mixture, white vinegar, vinegar, natural baking soda, ionic calcium, seawater and other natural products and registered materials keep the amount of agricultural chemicals used to 50% or less specified by the prefecture. In addition, in order to improve the tree growth and fruit quality of the following year, we apply 100% organic JAS certified organic blur in late autumn (late October).
    Keeping soil and trees healthy, removing long shoots in hot summers, etc., performing fine care and management, reducing pests by improving sunlight and ventilation, so that special cultivation of natural agriculture that is friendly to people and the natural environment is possible became. Deliver fruit that has been carefully cultivated in season.

    Aiming for organic JAS certification

    The forest area of ​​La France in Moriya Orchard is 50 ares. Reduce the number to 80% by pruning in winter. The lightning work from March to April removes excess flower buds to make a single flower bud. The harvesting work will be limited to 15 tons per square meter and yield of 2 tons at 10 ares in 3 times from May. Then, all the fruits will be fully nourished, and La France will grow with a smooth texture with a high sugar content of around 15 degrees.
     Tendo is a basin climate with light and clay soils with large minerals and large annual and daily differences. It has good drainage and is ideal for fruit production. Using organic JAS materials, we produce fruit and vegetable products in France every year, aiming for organic JAS cultivation from special cultivation of safe and secure natural farming with minimal disinfection.
    The vigorous bark buds that have roots in the earth become branches, and in three years the fruits will bear fruit. The Japanese four seasons and history will be engraved on the annual rings, and will be a big tree for the generation of children and grandchildren.